Timmion Records is a Helsinki based record company that also cuts vinyl masters.

The company was originally established around a group of musicians called The Soul Investigators. The main focus was to release the band’s own music in a way that meets the ears of soul and funk diggers around the world. Since the early days in the late 1990’s the focus is the same but the roster has got new members along the way. In addition to The Soul Investigators, Timmion Records has released music from Brooklyn born Nicole Willis, New Orleans legend Willie West, California Soul-Duo Myron & E, Big Joe Louis, Herb Johnson, The Soul Ladas, Guest Villains, The Soultors, Ostari Njengi and the list goes on and gets new additions all the time!

Timmion Cutting Laboratory was built and launched in 2009. Since then many labels, artists and bands from different genres have found out that the true vinyl sound lives at Timmion Labs. Sound has always been one of our key factors and we gladly share our expertise in order to keep the vinyl available for music lovers.

You can find Timmion Headquarters, Studio, and Cutting Laboratory at Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki, Finland.