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It all goes back to the 1998, to a desolate suburb called Matinkylä, just outside the outskirts of Helsinki. There in a small two-storied cottage, the band begun to practice their craft and the aim was to create funk that was stripped down to the bare essentials.

The place where these sessions were recorded is no more, but has been lost in the dusk of modernization. The abandoned housing area where only a few small businesses were left to struggle for survival has been replaced by a huge shopping mall, which was being built all the while Calypso King and The Soul Investigators were inside getting on their home made funk.

The results of this excursion were a couple of 45’s on their own Jive label which are almost impossible to find these days. Also two LP’s were released. “Soul Strike” was originally put out on Philip Lehman’s notorious Soul Fire label out of New York and a few years after the actual recordings “Home Cooking” became the first album release on bands own label, Timmion Records. With these albums under their belts The Band gained some success within the underground funk scene and toured heavily across Europe & UK.

On these two early instrumental records one can hear the elements that are and will always be the core of The Soul IG’s sound. This combination of frantic organ grooves, garage-bound guitar licks, crackling drums and heavy bass is densely knit together with the no-nonsense attitude that the band still carries as a trademark when recording or performing live.

These two records serve as a more than appropriate legacy of how amazing music humans can create in unexpected spaces and times. Run down and isolated locations like Matinkyla have always been a fertile soil for good funk, and indeed there is something in the passionate spirit of these recordings that you just can’t learn in a music academy. They lift elements from a certain style that personifies funk in it’s rawest form and successfully make it their own. I hope that as myself, you the listener will bob your head, pat your feet, and make a few spins in your living room or a nearby dance floor to the fabulous sounds of the finest funk outfit in Finland, maybe even in the whole wide world.

In 2005 The Soul Investigators released a flaming soul LP that almost instantly found appreciation around the world and ignited the whole “Retro Soul , Classic soul , Nu-soul, what ever Soul” boom. “Keep Reachin’ Up” which was recorded with singer Nicole Willis and became an instant classic. Three  singles that where picked from the album were titled “If This Ain’t Love”, “ Feeling Free”, “ My Four Leaf Clover” all off them become a massive hits in UK northern soul scene and the band flew the world over to perform their hits.

A year before that the Soul Investigators had accompanied a classic Philadelphia funk/soul vocalist Herb Johnson on his last 45 recording called “Make You Wanna Holler” which was also released on the band’s own Timmion label. In 1968  Herb Johnson had released his most successful and nationally distributed soul classic “ I’m So Glad”.

In 2007 The The soul Investigators  recorded a 7” single with modern day Blues legend Big Joe louis titles “ Go-Go Train”.

Right now The Soul Investigators are finishing their new album with a vocal duo from sunny California “ Myron & E “ as well as their second with Nicole Willis.

Markus Karlqvist, Helsinki, 2012.


The Soul Investigators Discography:

  • Soul Strike – (with Calypso King) Soul Fire Records (2000) – LP/CD
  • Home Cooking – (with Calypso King) Timmion Records (2001) – LP/CD
  • Keep Reaching Up (with Nicole Willis) – Timmion Records (2005) – LP/CD
  • Tortured Soul – (with Nicole Willis) – Timmion Records (2013) – CD/LP
  • Calypso Strut/Party Food – (with Calypso King) Jive (1998) – 7″
  • C’Mon Boot-It/Testifying – (with Calypso King) Jive (1999) – 7″
  • Compin’ & Smokin’/Damper Down Popcorn – Soul Fire (1999) – 7″
  • Chicken (Ain’t Nothing But A Bird) Part 1 & 2 – Timmion Records (2001) – 7″
  • Hot Pants On Fire/The New Setting – Timmion Records (2001) – 7″
  • Let’s Have Some/Trouble Talk – Timmion Records (2002) – 7″
  • Get Down With The Funky Organ Part 1 & 2 – Timmion Records (2002) – 7″
  • Make You Wanna Holler/I Know – (with Herb Johnson) – Timmion Records (2004) – 7″
  • If This Ain’t Love/Instrumental – (with Nicole Willis) – Timmion Records (2005) – 7″
  • Feeling Free/Instrumental – (with Nicole Willis) – Timmion Records (2006) – 7″
  • My Four Leaf Clover/Holding On – (with Nicole Willis) – Timmion Records (2006) – 7″
  • Make It Mellow Part 1 & 2 – Soul Sides (2006), Timmion Records (2010) – 7″
  • Go Go Train/Rolling Down The Tracks- (with Big Joe Louis) – Timmion Records (2007) – 7″
  • Pretty Women Part 1 & 2 – Nite Club (2007) – 7″
  • Cold Game/I Can’t Let You Get Away – (with Myron & E) – Timmion Records (2008) – 7″
  • Theme/Holding On – MitWit Records (2009) – 7″
  • Mo’ Hash/Micro Popcorn – Timmion Records (2009) – 7″
  • Home Cooking Part 1 & 2 – Timmion Records (2009) – 7″
  • Brown Sauce/Yum Yum – Timmion Records (2009) – 7″
  • It’s A Shame Part 1 & 2 – (with Myron & E) – Timmion Records (2010) – 7″
  • On Broadway Part 1 & 2- (with Myron & E) – Timmion Records (2010) – 7″
  • Pot Club Part 1 & 2- (with Myron & E) – Timmion Records (2011) – 7″
  • Creepin’Part 1 & 2 – Timmion Records (2012) – 7″
  • Tell Me When/It’s All Because Of You – (with Nicole Willis) – Timmion Records (2012) – 7″


Watch The Soul Investigators play live at Kuudeslinja, Helsinki in 2007





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