Timmion Cutting Laboratory

We consider ourselves specialists when it comes to vinyl. Our staff has years of experience in releasing, collecting, and disc jockeying music on all vinyl formats. Timmion Records is able to assist you in making your vinyl records sound great and look great. We offer high quality vinyl mastering (vinyl cutting) at a competitive price. We cut all sorts of music, so don’t be fooled into thinking that we only achieve great results with music we release ourselves. Many companies in and outside Finland are cutting their masters at Timmion and as far as we know we’re the only lab in Finland.

Long standing business relations with two different pressing plants in Germany guarantee good quality and reasonable pricing. We handle all the details ourselves or with the pressing plant and make sure everything will be delivered according to plan. You work directly and only with us.

We also cut reference discs on acetate. These are used as reference before the actual molds for duplication are created. Acetates are also sometimes called dubplates, used by DJ’s and collectors for unique copies or “backups”. Check our page for Dubs in case you’re interested in one copy only.


  • Neumann SP-79 Master Console (with Neumann EQ’s, compressors and amplifiers)
  • Neumann VMS-70 Cutting Lathe
  • Neumann SX-74 Cutter Head
  • Neumann SAL-74 Cutting Amps
  • Universal Audio 2192 D/A Converter, one of the best sounding D/A converters around!
  • Studer A80 1/4″ Tape Transport, with preview and playback heads
  • API 2500 Bus Compressor
  • Custom Timmion Pultec Tube EQ’s
  • Ortofon STL 732 HF Limiters

Package Deals

Contact us via email and we’ll send you our current price list containing some of the most commonly ordered packages. If you already know what you wish to have, include details in the email and we’ll create a more specific quote for you.

Please note that VAT registered companies outside Finland do not get VAT charged as long as we receive the registration number.

Check the Record Manufacturing page for more details.