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Finished Products From Timmion Records

Whether you wish to release your music digitally, on vinyl, or CD, you can order everything from us. You can also order digital mastering and mixing services from us. With years of experience in both, vinyl and CD releases we’ll get it done.

Color vinyls, Gatefold Sleeves, Disco Sleeves, Old School Sleeves, 45 Sleeves, Printed Inner Sleeves, Stickers, Download Codes, Download Service, CD Inserts… pretty much anything is possible.

Check more about our Vinyl Mastering services.

See more about our Digital Mastering services.


Contact us via email and we’ll send you our current price list containing some of the most commonly ordered packages. If you already know what you wish to have, include details in the mail and we’ll create a more specific quote for you.

Please note that VAT registered companies outside Finland do not get VAT charged as long as we receive the registration number.

The Vinyl Manufacturing Process

  1. You deliver us the material either on tape or digitally. Please include track list (a-side and b-side) with lengths and possible sound preferences.
  2. We cut you a reference record on acetate (not mandatory).
  3. After approving the sound we cut the actual master lacquers and deliver it to the plant.
  4. You’ll receive a test pressing for approval in 9 business days.
  5. You deliver us the graphic materials (labels, covers, stickers, etc.) – we’ll make sure it will meet your standards before it’s processed.
  6. Finished products will be delivered in approximately 3 weeks.

How long does it take

LP’s & 45’s

Even though it’s not common, some things can go wrong, and reserving time will be worth it. It’s good to reserve 6-8 weeks for the process. This will leave time for checking reference records, test pressings, graphic files etc.


After receiving the material, both artwork and audio, you should receive finished products in approximately 2 weeks.