Myron & E + The Soul Inv. “Everyday Love”

Following the acclaimed “Broadway” album by Myron & E on Stones Throw, Timmion picks two mid tempo treats from it for a new 7″ release. “If I Gave You My Love” and “Everyday Love” sit firmly between classic soul and hip hop aesthetics, painting vivid pictures of bitter sweet love quests on one side and positive testifying on the other. On both tunes, The Soul Investigators cruise effortlessly through a funk drenched terrain to offer firm backing for the duo’s soulful vocal dynamics.

When the guitar riffs of their first release “Cold Game” hit wax five years ago, it started to seem evident that Myron Glasper and Eric Boss were going to leave their personal mark in the soul history books. The debut single released on Timmion Records soon gained praise from the California low rider soul scene to the shores of the British northern court. Timmion followed with two 45’s “Broadway” and “It’s A Shame”, both recorded in Helsinki during a two week studio excursion, when Myron & E were visiting the country.

These sessions also provided the ground work for the album that was picked up for production by Stones Throw, and finally released in the summer of 2013. “If I Gave You My Love” and “Everyday Love” were the last tracks recorded for the album. A slick video for “If I Gave You My Love” was shot to pave the way for the album, and it features California’s Chicano soul scene getting down to this unique trans-Atlantic marriage of skill and swagger. “Everyday Love” got its inspiration from Edwin Starr’s crossover classic “Running Back and Forth”, which E presented to the Timmion boys via email. As usual, The Soul Investigators found their own perspective to this inspiration, and came out with something completely different. Your summer will be so much better with these two beauties in the play box.

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