Myron & E “Behind Closed Doors”


Myron & E with The Soul Investigators: “Behind Closed Doors” b/w “Turn Back” Out Now! 7″ Vinyl Single + PIC SLEEVE!

Without blinking an eye, the Californian double trouble known as Myron & E bring yet another dose of heavy soul to the table. “Behind Closed Doors” switches gears from their previous material, providing this time a genuine uptempo dancer. Propelled forward by the mayfieldesque stylings of The Soul Investigators, the tune should shatter knees at any northern soul setting around the globe.

Myron & E’s recent lyrical output has balanced between falling in and out of love versus lamenting on the troubles in society. “Behind Closed Doors” sits neatly in the middle. It reflects on infidelity in a relationship by playing with communal situations, where rumors circulate and poison the situation further.                

The b-side includes “Turn Back”, the opening track from The Broadway album, first time on 45. This beautiful ballad presents the duo and whole group on their strongest and most connected to the modes of their genre. The lyrics don’t communicate nostalgia as such, but rather act as a welcome to the fantastic soulful reality, which the listener is about to enter.


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